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So i have a big announcement to make….
Ive decided to come out and announce it to the world.
Im gender-fluid.
Ever since i was small ive always been very non-conforming to gender norms, i was very tomboyish and also very girly at the same time. I would sometimes feel very feminine other times more male heck even neither! So I’ve decided to come out at gender-fluid. I will still be mainly referring to myself mostly as female because thats the gender i feel most myself in.
This is my first time with coming out at all and im kind new to the whole gender-fluid community and im a tad bit scared to tell my boyfriend about all this so?….ya. Also while im on the same type of topic i should also tell yall im pansexual because i dont think ive said that anywhere yet. ( does it really matter tho?)
So now that ive gotten all of that out i know ill probably loose followers and heck probably get hate mail but honestly i could care less, because if you cant accept someone for who they are then you obviously have thier own problems.

So my dad just said that women who shave their heads need to be chained up and whipped because tis ugly as fuck……well there goes my idea of having short hair with a shaved side…..i cant wait till i can fucking move out

Ugg i want to style my hair differently but i can’t decide to either cut it or get extensions .-.


Ryuko and Senketsu Transformationby ekurepu



Girls Have 3 Types of Panties

  • period panties
  • chillen panties
  • and im about to get me some dick panties

I can agree to this



Yo have you guys heard of Mary Magdalene’s dress shop? Because


I don’t mean to oversell but


These are




the cutest dresses


i have ever seen


in my entire life


she makes coats too




the woman is a machine, she cannot be stopped

This style of clothing is called Classic Lolita, and I’d really recommend looking it up to see full ensembles if you’re interested!